Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy your cookies at any retail store?

Not at this time.


Can I buy your granola at any retail store?

We sell our large size of Alfalfa Honey Granola at Taylor’s Market located at 2900 Freeport Blvd. in Sacramento.


Where can I buy your cookies and granola?

Our cookies and granola are available online. We offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of $60 to the contiguous US. In addition to buying our Alfalfa Honey Granola at Taylor’s Market, we occasionally participate in events where we sell our cookies and granola.  To be informed of where we will be and when, sign up for our e-newsletter and friend us on Facebook.


Where is my order?

On the top of each page of our website we list which month’s collection we are offering and its delivery date. When you go to check out, in the shipping selection, we require each customer to select the shipping method and date for their order to arrive. Once you place your order, an email confirmation is sent to you with the selected delivery method and date on it you chose. On the left column on our homepage, we say, "We rotate and bake our collection once a month offering you a new variety each month." We really try hard to let our customers know when to expect their order.


If I just missed ordering, do I have to wait four weeks to receive my cookies and granola?

We rent a commercial kitchen by the day so we have a lot of overhead to consider when baking. We set a monthly ordering deadline which is on Saturday, at the beginning of the week of the second Thursday of each month. If your order is not placed by this Saturday, our website switches over to the next months collection and your order will be filled the following month. We bake to order and ship all orders within two days of baking, delivering fresh cookies and granola to your door.


If I am not going to be home on the scheduled delivery date, can you deliver my cookies before or afterwards?

If you let us know one week in advance of the scheduled delivery date, we can work with you to help get your package to you either before you leave home or hold it for you until you get back so your package is not sitting in front of your house while you are out of town.


Is our granola gluten free?

The kitchen is not gluten free; therefore, all our products cannot be labeled "gluten free".  Depending on your gluten sensitivity, our Alfalfa Honey Granola is made with over 35% seeds and nuts sourced locally whenever possible and we buy our alfalfa honey at the local farmers market. The only questionable gluten product is the Bob's Red Mill Oats we use which is not labeled gluten free.


Do we have any cookies or granola that are sugar free?

Not at this time.


Will you be at any craft fairs?