Our Story


Tule’s (Too-lee’s) Cookies is a small, artisanal baking company founded by Tule, the company’s namesake, her sister Laura, and daughter Jennifer. They all share the love of cooking and especially baking.  The family owned company continues with the two sisters, Tule and Laura, working side by side.

Tule started out as a professional printmaker whose work has been shown and published in Northern California galleries. The company logo was created with a serigraph that Tule had sent out as a Christmas card to friends and family many, many, many years ago. It was very fitting, when she launched her cookie business, to feature a piece of work from her past and to continue sharing her creativity now in the form of edibles.

As an avid baker most of her life, Tule has been focusing on developing her own recipes as well as resurrecting some old family recipes that are well over 40 years old. The granola came about because she just couldn’t find something that she liked, so she made her own.

Like her, the recipes at Tule’s Cookies are unique without being pretentious, and their presentation is warm, handmade, and yet always beautiful and professional. The goal is to always have cookies that taste just as good as they look.